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If you are shopping for Lasting Outdoor Patio Furniture made with good quality exterior use materials for your patio, deck or in your garden be sure to browse our entire site. You will find Patio and Garden selections of Cedar Patio Furniture featuring Garden Benches Swings Adirondack Chairs and Outdoor Teak Picnic Tables. All our products like our wishing well are made using clear grade Western Red Cedar, or our Teak Patio Table Sets made using environmentally friendly Java Plantation Indonesian Teak Wood.
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Teak is a type of wood that comes from a teak tree, a tropical hardwood birch. Teak wood is highly prized and has many uses, such as for furniture and ships.  Teak wood is an extremely dense course grained hardwood and is widely known for its durability.  (There are other woods out there that are called "teak" but there is only one "Real Teak")

Teak wood enjoys
worldwide acceptance for its beauty, durability and strength. United States consumers frequently see teak indoor and outdoor furniture, along with hardwood flooring for homes and businesses. Retailers market small teak home accents such as picture frames and wall shelves. Less common teak products include kitchen cabinets, closets and building roofs.

Maintenance Choices
Your teak furniture will maintain its structural integrity regardless of how you maintain it. Newly purchased furniture exhibits a rich gold color that will fade to a silver patina if you don't treat it. Some homeowners actually prefer this gently weathered look, which does not affect the furniture's durability. Retain the teak furniture's just-purchased appearance by periodically sanding and applying teak oil to the wood. Applying a stain creates a polished, uniform look, but you will not be able to return the teak to its natural appearance without completely removing the stain.

All-Weather Durability
Teak has long been recognized for its resistance to wind, rain and sun. In fact, historic shipbuilders constructed entire ships from teak because of its durability and strength. Many boat manufacturers use         teak for interior and exterior vessel trim, as teak can withstand the harsh marine environment due to the wood's natural oils. Boat         cockpit tables and drink holders are examples of exterior teak trim.  Some boats also exhibit teak decks.

Temperature Resistance
Teak wood furniture is much less affected by heat or cold than other types of outdoor seating. In hot weather, metal or plastic furniture will be very hot to the touch, making it extremely uncomfortable as an outdoor seating option. In cold weather, you are discouraged from a patio or garden visit because your metal or plastic chairs are frigid to the touch. Teak or other wood furniture remains at a relatively constant, comfortable temperature regardless of the heat or cold.

Standard Furniture Features:
  • Mortise and Tenon Joinery for Exceptional Strength and Longevity
  • Fully Assembled - Fold away (most items)                                
  • Authentic teak furniture is expensive because it is one of the best natural woods for furniture and lasts a lifetime if maintained properly.
  • Teak wood contains a high level of natural oil and rubber, making it flexible and durable but also easy to carve.
  • Teak wood gleams naturally, resists rotting and isn't worn down by weather. Teak wood objects can be used for centuries.
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Furniture Prices include S & H  for contiguous 
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